Overcome the main road freight challenges you face by adding an AI layer to your systems

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Improve your performance with our flexible AI modules that adapt to your operations

Calculate smart prices, make precise capacity forecasts, optimise routes in real time and stay one step ahead of incidents to minimise their impact

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

You miss out on sales opportunities because you cannot provide prices quickly enough

You only find out about operational issues when they have become a big problem

Your traffic manager has to correct software-generated routes by hand to avoid operational problems

You find it hard to balance out capacity: one day you are struggling with shortages, the next you have too many empty trucks

A world of technology designed to boost your transport operations’ profit margins

Our technology brings together the power of artificial intelligence and our years of experience in road freight operations

AI Pricing Engine

Digitalise your incoming order system and apply smart prices with our technology. No more issuing quotes manually

AI Routing Engine

Optimise your routes automatically in real time based on shipping requirements and areas. No more checking them one by one

Predictive Incident System

Put an end to learning about issues only after they have happened. Detect issues automatically and plan ahead to prevent them

Forecast & Capacity Planner

Harness your fleet’s full potential: no more being low on trucks or having them drive empty miles thanks to our demand forecasting with greater accuracy

AI Pricing

Technology that puts an end to wasting time taking orders manually and maximises margins with smart pricing

Automatic quote calculation and shipment booking process
Dynamic price updates adapted to each client
Margin optimisation thanks to machine learning algorithms
Margin improvement
Offers win-rate

AI Routing

The perfect assistant to your traffic team: it creates smart routes, optimises them and adjusts them in real time to avoid incidents and boost profit margins

Improved route planning with artificial intelligence
Dynamic routing and route optimisation in real time
Routes enhanced with points of interest, with information on opening hours, areas and vehicles
Automatic routes
Cancellation rate

Incident System

An engine that stays one step ahead of incidents and puts together an effective response by using AI to prioritise your operations teams’ tasks

Automatic alerts for proactive risk detection
Tasks prioritised according to impact on business
Smart chat and POD checks with machine learning
Orders managed by FTE
Incident ratio
Customer service interactions

& Capacity Planner

A module that adapts transport capacity and optimises management of any kind of fleet according to fluctuating demand

Algorithms trained to predict transport demand
Machine learning to optimise internal and external fleets
Automatic detection of invalid haulage documentation
Supply extra cost
Assignment rate during peaks
Conversion rates

Level up your TMS with easy-to-integrate AI technology

Improve your systems’ and teams’ performance with technology that adapts to your transport operations and be rewarded with:

Bigger profit margins

Unlock new revenue streams and keep costs under control

Operational excellence

Use AI to detect risks and respond proactively to incidents

Loyal clients

Create exceptional transport experiences for both loaders and hauliers

More effective teams

Automate tasks at scale to boost your teams’ productivity

Discover a new way of optimising road freight

We understand the challenges you face because we have faced them ourselves. That is why we have developed unique technology designed to overcome them

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