Confirmed, picked up, and delivered. A seamless transport experience

Always on time, always Ontruck. Contract the transport that you need within seconds and ensure successful deliveries

Contract your shipments instantly on Ontruck’s freight platform

We give you instant and fixed quotes so that you can better organise your shipments
We optimise the transport process and deliver on time thanks to automatic route planning and to the use of available space in each vehicle.

Experience the best personalised services

We are here to help you before, during, and after every shipment. When you contact us, you will always be assisted by people
Our team of traffic specialists monitors each operation. If your supply chain does not stop, neither do we.

Thanks to our proficient network of carriers, we can ensure an excellent service

The carriers that work with Ontruck do so by their personal choice. We do not charge them any fees for using our freight platform, and they are free to choose the loads that best fit their schedule.
This is why most of our carriers are professionals with over ten years of experience in the industry who have passed Ontruck’s validation process

Be part of the change: sustainable freight transport can be achieved

Nowadays 30% of the cargo vehicles within Europe are driven empty-handed. At Ontruck, we have reduced this percentage to 10%
If you use our freight transport platform, you are actively helping reduce CO2 emissions, as we minimise the number of trucks on the road whilst transporting the same load volumes

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Average number of empty trucks in Ontruck


Average number of empty trucks in Europe


Thanks to our network of carriers, we can ensure an excellent service

The carriers who work with Ontruck do it because they choose to do it. We do not charge you a fee to use the transportation platform and you can choose the fee that best suits you

Thus, most are professionals with more than 10 years of industry experience who have gone through the Ontruck validation process

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