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Brexit is like Christmas for European truck-rental companies

8 new tech trends shaping the transport and logistics industry in 2019

Tech startups weekly: 3D body scanning app, new-age digital labeling, ...

Ontruck continues international expansion with the launch ...

���There Is Massive Potential To Leverage Technology In The Tr...

Telematic trends for 2020

The innovative future of freight, part one

Expanding Ontruck cuts more ‘empty’ kilometres

Ontruck UK passes 1,000th sipment milestone

Spanish startup Ontruck gets €17 million from eco-friendly VCs, a...

Ontruck snags execs from Uber and Just Eat: Rika Christanto, co-founder talks ...

Spanish logistics increasingly committed to NGVs to cut emissions

Cultivating your company culture from home

£6.5 billion wasted in road freight

Disrupting Europe’s trucking industry: Interview with Iñigo Juanteg...

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Ontruck secures 17M€ funding round led by OGCI Climate Investments

Ontruck’s sustainable freight tech prevents 175 tonnes of C02 emissions in the UK

Ontruck’s new national service helps overcome COVID challenges

Ontruck reinforces presence in the EU transport sector showcasing a growth of 250% in 2019

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