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No fees or commitments, just a flexible system that will allow you to improve the operating account of your vehicles.

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We are much more than a traditional freight exchange platform

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A support team that’s there for you

Our teams and technology are designed to help you on the road. We are not your average transport intermediaries. If an unforeseen event arises, you will have the Traffic team at your disposal via live chat or phone to solve it.

Find the best loads

We grow together. Ontruck’s App offers you loads for free, depending on your location, as well as the availability and characteristics of your fleet: you decide whether to accept them or not. No fees or commitments.

Ensured payment, faster than ever before

We pay faster than any other company in the industry. We guarantee payment within 30 days and, if you need liquidity one month, you can advance the invoice through a confirming contract.

This is how your load board works

Find loads for your truck

Register on Ontruck for free

Sign up on our website for free and we will contact you to request the necessary information for you to access the platform.

Find more loads for your truck

Configure your availability and organize the schedule that suits you best: you will be able to choose between loads to fill your working day and recurring loads.

Ensured payment in a timely manner

Control your income directly from the application and access your invoices digitally. No fees or commitments.

Intuitive technology for optimal driver and fleet management

Ontruck’s App for drivers

Control all loads directly from Ontruck’s free App. You will be able to manage your paperwork digitally, consult your invoicing, and have all the information you need to carry out your work at hand. Download our App and give it a try!

App and website for fleet management

Ontruck’s fleet App is designed to suit the needs of transport managers. Manage your fleet loads, track your vehicles and drivers in real time wherever you are, and digitally access documentation and invoices to simplify your accounting.

Save money when purchasing Michelin tyres for your truck

Save money when purchasing Michelin tyres for your truck

If you are a carrier and you are registered in our network, you can get 25 € (VAT incl.) for each Michelin 22.5-inch tyre that you purchase thanks to our exclusive agreement with the French brand.

Obtain the best insurance deal thanks to our agreement with Llerandi Riesgos y Seguros

Obtain the best insurance deal thanks to our agreement with Llerandi Riesgos y Seguros

Save up to 40% on your freight insurance’s price. You will have access to comprehensive insurance at a very affordable price for being part of our carrier network.

Carrier Award Program

We acknowledge the professionalism and excellent work of our carriers

More points, more loads

We evaluate performance through a scoring system that takes into account timeliness, status updates and POD management.

Earn recognition

Use Ontruck’s App on a daily basis and achieve an excellent on-time delivery ratio to quality for the Carrier Award Programme every month. We will reward you with a surprise gift set that will help you in your daily work.

Win gift cards

Participate in our App improvement tests or in our referral programme to win Amazon gift cards. We reward the expertise you have with our tools. 

Your experience with Ontruck

“Ontruck has changed my life. Now I am happy when heading to work since I can organise my working day and I know that I have a team I can count on in case there are any issues. And, above all, I can also reconcile my work and family life in an industry where you often know when you start but not when you finish.”

José Antonio Sevillano


“The App is just phenomenal. I started working in this industry with a street map always at hand, so it’s wonderful to keep everything under control with your mobile phone. When you spend so many hours behind the wheel, it’s important to be able to take your mind off paperwork and payment claims. With Ontruck’s App, I know everything is running smoothly.”

Enrique Rius


“Ontruck is unlike any other company in the industry, I cannot imagine working with anyone else. I work for many hours and when there is freight volume, I earn much more with Ontruck than with any other options; and they always pay in a very timely manner.”

Isaías Rubio


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