Advocate the change towards sustainable freight transport

We want to create a world where resources are not wasted, starting by developing a transport model that is efficient and sustainable


decrease in empty runs


less kilograms of carbon released into the atmosphere

-60 %

in travelled km thanks to route optimisation

Transport is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions

In Europe alone, trucks generate 5% of the total carbon emissions, and almost 40% of them run empty, meaning that each year 78 million tons of CO2 are unnecessarily emitted into the atmosphere

We would need more than 3.5 million trees to absorb this quantity; in other words, we would need a forest as big as 236 Hyde Parks!

LBS Carbon emissions saved

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint with Ontruck

We offer solutions to engage companies in decarbonising their supply chains

Route technology and optimisation

By combining Business Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, we can maximise LTL transport capacity and plan routes that effectively reduce idle times for vehicles, as well as empty runs.
If we want to confront climate change, we need to ensure that trucks on the road are never travelling empty.

Low-emission fleets

We are transforming our fleets so that they are composed of low-emission vehicles: we work hand in hand with our carriers, provide them with all the information they need, and offer incentives to achieve this goal. 
Moreover, we prioritise allocating our operations to fleets that already have less-contaminating vehicles.

We are committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030

We are committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030

Our mission is to offer transport services that optimise each route in order to achieve a more sustainable society. A world where empty trips are reduced to a minimum.

We are moving towards a future with net zero carbon emissions, where every person involved in our value chain shall be treated with dignity and respect.

Measurement and control of the emissions

Measurement and control of the emissions

We measure the amount of CO2 released per shipment so that companies can control the greenhouse gas emissions generated within their logistics chains and within any transport operation that they outsource.

We consider the average consumption of each vehicle type, the total amount of kilometres travelled, and the nature of the load carried in order to calculate the total amount of emissions; afterwards, we compare this figure to the industry’s current average.

Acknowledged for prioritising sustainability in transport and logistics

Ontruck receives the Lean & Green Award for its commitment to more sustainable logistics

Ontruck receives the 2020 Green Supply Chain Award.

Ontruck receives the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) international technology award for decarbonising transportation and the economy.

Ontruck recibe el Premio Lean & Green por su apuesta por una logística más sostenible

Ontruck recibe el Premio Lean & Green por su apuesta por una logística más sostenible

Ontruck recibe el Premio Lean & Green por su apuesta por una logística más sostenible

“These awards have acknowledged our solution to sustainable transport as we have continued to reinforce our technology and as the impact of CO2 emission savings has become increasingly relevant. Our commitment to sustainability was always there, and will always be a staple for Ontruck.”

Íñigo Juantegui

CEO & cofundador

Ontruck’s sustainability as seen in the media

Ontruck supports Volta during the presentation of their “truck of the future” in Barcelona

Seven out of ten carriers are concerned about the negative environmental impact of their labour activity

Ontruck—five years of digitalisation and development of sustainable options for road transport

Ontruck apoya a Volta en su presentación en Barcelona del camión del futuro

A 7 de cada 10 transportistas les preocupa el impacto ambiental negativo de su actividad

Ontruck, cinco años digitalizando y haciendo más sostenible el transporte por carretera

Together we can leave a different footprint on the planet

We want to work alongside companies: together, we will find new ways to reduce the environmental impact of freight transport.

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