Choose the pallet and freight transport services you need

Manage spot transport outside working hours directly from your mobile phone and book shipments in less than a minute

LTL shipping services

We are the fastest solution for non-recurring LTL freight transport. We can provide LTL shipping services for direct or urgent pallet deliveries. Save time, optimise your operations, and minimise CO2 emissions by delivering your cargo with Ontruck.

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Ontruck Direct

Our door-to-door LTL shipping service without intermediate stops. It is the quickest service with same-day or next-day deliveries.

Ontruck Today

The express transport solution for urgent pallet shipments. Pick-up and delivery are done on the same day, even with as little as one hour’s notice.

Direct shipping to platforms

Thanks to our specialised service, you will be able to send cargo to large logistic centres, such as Amazon, Costco, or Carrefour, among others.

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The best conditions for our LTL shipping services

Maximum control and tracking

Your cargo is always tracked. Our carriers use Ontruck’s App to ensure each pallet can be correctly tracked during transport.

Instant pricing

Get an answer to your spot transport requests right away. Get the best prices instantly through our online platform and book your shipment services right away.

Digitalised documents

Say goodbye to paperwork. Through Ontruck’s website, our customers can directly download purchase orders, print labels, and access PODs and invoices.

Incident prevention

Enjoy the best service available. The Customer Service team is at your disposal, along with the latest technology to prevent incidents and to keep yourself informed.

Freight transport and FTL trucking services

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our non-recurring FTL transport services are available at regional level. With a 99% allocation rate, we are the express FTL solution you are looking for.

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Madrid, Toledo, and Guadalajara


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Manage FTL transport faster thanks to Ontruck

Flexibility and availability

We adapt to your load volumes and schedules: we adjust the service to your shipment’s requirements on a daily basis in order to ensure capacity.

Centralised communication

You will have a dedicated Account Manager as your point of contact to manage all of your inquiries and transport requests.

Commitment and reliability

We are a reliable partner that is committed to your operations. Our carrier allocation rate proudly stands at 99%.

Technology that adapts to your operations

We provide the possibility of integrating our systems to your TMS in order to facilitate information exchange and to ensure the operations are fully under your control.

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