Help us build the sustainable future of transportation

We are building a better way to move goods, fueled by transparency and technology, to enable a positive change in the world. And we’d like your help.

Change the industry that powers our economy

Our customers are ambitious and innovative

Previously, they had to navigate endless phone calls and faxes to move their goods. We are doing the difficult-but-necessary work of building the technology to drive out waste of the logistics process — so companies can focus on creating value, not moving their goods, and the world is better for it.

We are growing fast

But we’re still tiny relative to the €600 billion opportunity in European road freight. We have a staggering challenge ahead. That means you have an unprecedented opportunity to change the industry that powers the global economy, while doing the most important work of your career.

A culture to do your best work


Make an impact, enjoy the journey

Dream big, be ambitious and innovative, aim at making an impact in the world. Innovating is hard, changing the world is hard. Bring high energy into the day-to-day. High performance, no excuses.


Tough questions get answers

Communicate openly and honestly. Show and share what you are doing. Default to open. Be clear when there are problems and things didn't go as expected.


Wash the dishes

Best ideas and data are more important than hierarchy. Any position of power is an extra responsibility, not an advantage to win arguments. Be open to failure, it happens. Communicate it, learn from it and move on. You can approach anybody in the company. Make yourself accessible.


One team, one dream

We are on this together. Help others without being asked. Ask for help. Respect everybody and help everybody feel at home. Bring the best in others.


Skin in the game

Own your shit. Do what you said you'd do. We don't like surprises. Keep yourself and others accountable. Be reliable to others and to our customers and partners.


Always an ant, sometimes a gorilla

Make constant progress. Strive to do things better everyday. Seek to understand, double down on what works, change what doesn't. Be open to change. Give and expect candid feedback.

We have growing teams across offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam.

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Life inside Ontruck

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A diverse and international atmosphere is the best strategy to ensure the success of the company

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