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About us

A transport operator with a startup frame of mind

Ontruck was founded in order to develop technologies which will make the road freight experience a smooth and efficient one for both truckers and companies who send shipments.

Smart trucking. Efficiency and technology to transform road goods transport.

We do this by drastically reducing the amount of empty kilometers travelled by goods vehicles, therefore optimising their use and utilization. Thanks to our product, shippers can quickly and easily upload their jobs to the platform and hauliers can select which shipments they want to transport from the comfort of their app. All this while contributing to conserving the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

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Our investors

Ontruck is backed by French, British, German and Spanish investors, who are looking to reinvent the freight transport sector.

Our offices

Get on board and work with us

We are always looking for the best talent to build the best product and to provide outstanding service.