What is Ontruck?

Ontruck is a regional and local transport operator that uses technology to offer a differentiated service with both shippers and carriers.

Among our clients we have medium and large multinational companies, freight forwarders, 3PLs, industrial producers such as consumer products, distributors and wholesale retail chains.

We collaborate with a wide network of highly qualified carriers, from self-employed hauliers, up to medium and large fleets.

What is Ontruck’s mission?

Ontruck was born to revolutionise the road freight industry. This market suffers from a great amount of inefficiency in capacity utilisation of vehicles, considerably more than in medium and long distance haulage. On average, commercial vehicles (from vans to artics) travel more than 30% of their day empty.

At Ontruck, we are working every day to drastically reduce the amount of empty kilometers travelled by goods vehicles, therefore optimising their use and occupancy. Thanks to this system, hauliers secure loads more easily and companies who send shipments can do so quickly and comfortably, while contributing to conserving the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

In what way is Ontruck different to a freight exchange?

  • Ontruck offers loads to hauliers for free via an easy to use app.
    In a freight exchange the haulier must pay a periodic amount in order to access the service and participate in its bids, regardless of whether they end up taking the loads.
  • Ontruck is responsible for paying hauliers at the end of the month for all loads completed. Freight exchanges do not adopt such payment
  • To assign loads, Ontruck offers loads to hauliers and they then decide whether to accept them or not. There isn’t a bidding system.
    Freight exchanges are not 3PLs and their services are limited to negotiations between clients and hauliers.

Where does Ontruck operate?

Ontruck is focused on the service of regional palletised goods transportation. We operate in three countries: Spain, the United Kingdom, and France. The areas where we provide our services are:

  • Spain: The Community of Madrid and neighbouring provinces Catalonia and the Valencian Community.
  • United Kingdom: the region of Greater London including Heathrow, Essex & Dartford.
  • France: Île-de-France.

Additionally, we operate on a national level in the Catalonian triangle, Madrid and the Valencian Community with full load vehicles.

We have big expansion plans, do not hesitate to get in touch with us even though you are in other areas!

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