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A world without waste

The most efficient and low-carbon way to move freight

We build technology to drive out waste of the logistics process, automating order management, pricing, routing and matching, saving money and time for shippers, maximizing earnings for carriers and removing carbon emissions generated from empty trucks.

Enabling a more sustainable future of transportation

Making a difference with our technology

From day one, we have been focused on driving waste out of the logistics process through:

  • Automating order management and pricing
  • Real-time GPS tracking to ensure seamless service
  • Optimizing our network with proprietary routing and matching algorithms

The result?

  • 3.748 tons of CO2 saved
  • 1.925.017 kilometers of travel avoided by empty trucks
  • 27.500 hours saved by drivers

And we are just getting started.

Backed by global investors who share our vision of a greener future for road transportation


Recognized for putting Green first in logistics

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We have teams based in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam

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